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Fit by Tash - Fit Framework


Four Week Group Coaching Program to achieve your ideal body and lifestyle!

Next Group Starts February 3, 2019 - Spots are limited, sign-up today!

You want to lose weight, tone up, be healthier and more fit, but struggle to get the results you want. You want to be more consistent in the gym, but with so much conflicting information out there, you’re overwhelmed and confused on what the best workout and meal plan is.

You’re ready to commit and do the work for a complete overhaul of unhealthy self-sabotaging habits so you can live out a healthy happy lifestyle.

Having worked with 100+ clients up close and personal during thousands of hours of training sessions, I talk to others all the time who are going to the gym but aren't getting the results they want. As a driven professional with limited time, you need your healthy lifestyle to be on autopilot so you can achieve and maintain a healthy, strong, lean and energetic body.

What’s Included:
-Workout plan and schedule with easy to follow videos showing proper form
-Nutrition plan and recipes
-Access to a Private Facebook Forum for the duration of the program for access to me and accountability, support and motivation with a group of like-minded women

I am SO excited for you to experience this program and feel healthier, stronger and more confident! I look forward to working with you!

Questions or still not sure if Online Coaching is right for you? Email me at or DM me @fitbytash on Instagram!

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  • 4 weeks of workouts designed to build lean toned muscle and blast stored fat

  • Learn to workout from anywhere!
    Workout equipment is just bodyweight and dumbbells so with a small investment can be done at home or in any gym.

  • Take out all the guesswork and finally get the results you want. Dynamic and progressive workouts based on weight training and metabolic conditioning to improve muscle tone and strength while blasting body fat. Everything is laid out for you: the exact exercises, the number of sets and reps, the number of days you need to train.

  • Nutrition plan that’s easy to follow and based on portions instead of calorie counting. Recipe booklet, learn to meal prep with ease and make healthy food taste good. Easy go-to breakfasts and light and healthy dinners. Strategies to stay on track if you’re someone who eats out frequently. Designed to improve fat burning, metabolism, energy levels, workout recovery, digestion, and body composition.

  • Private Facebook Group with unlimited access to me and an amazing group of like-minded women for accountability and motivation. Weekly Facebook Live Trainings. I will be there for you the entire way to ensure your success.

  • 20-Minute Coaching Call where we will personally discuss any questions or roadblocks you have. This will get you on the fast track to results and ensure you continue your incredible progress.


    Week 1: Weight Training Fundamentals and Goal Setting
    -Goal setting exercises
    -Can you get bulky from lifting weights
    -What exercises are best to get the most out of a workout and build the body you want
    -How to perform exercises with proper form
    -Time management and finding balance with a busy schedule

    Week 2: Nutrition
    -Establish your Personal Nutrition Principles for Success
    -Lacking motivation or tired of being “good” all week and overeating in social settings? The strategies to success and sustainability
    -Why diets have a 95% failure rate
    -Create new healthy habits around food that compound over time for amazing results while still enjoying your favorite foods
    -What are macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs) and how much we need of each one
    -Portion size vs. Calorie counting
    -How to let go of sugar cravings for life
    -How to eat on the go

    Week 3: Exercise
    -The Weekly Line-Up: exactly how much cardio, HIIT and weight training to do each week for fat loss
    -The best exercises for fat loss, shaping a physique and total body strength
    -Weight training vs. Cardio for optimal results
    -How heavy should you be lifting?
    -How to workout from anywhere using just dumbbells and bodyweight
    -Workout nutrition and what to eat before and after your workouts
    -The best stretching and foam rolling routine

    Week 4: Sleep, Stress, Self Care
    -Are you getting enough sleep?
    -5 ways to improve sleep tonight
    -How sleep could be the missing piece to the stall in your weight loss
    -Why our bodyweight can fluctuate 5 pounds in a day
    -How to get rid of bloating
    -Stress and how it impacts fat loss and how to manage it
    -How to measure progress and why the scale isn’t a good indicator
    -Weight loss vs. Fat loss
    -How to keep up the new healthy habits for the rest of your life
    -Future goal setting

Fit by Tash - Fit Framework
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“I think the thing I love most about this program is that there is someone to hold me accountable! I also like that we have a lot of food flexibility.  I'm not a big meal prep person and I don't usually like left overs so still being able to eat out is great for me.  When I remember to drink water, it actually helps a lot with the bloating. I like that the workouts are effective even though they’re not an hour long, and that I can do them from home. It’s good for someone with a crazy schedule. I’m feeling stronger and noticing definition in the arms.” -Jenna

“This really is working for me!!! I am loving that the workouts are easy to follow, ideas for meals/snacks and most importantly accountability.” -Talita

“I love being a part of a strong women's group that all are seeking the same goal... the best versions of themselves.  Feeling healthier and happier.  One thing that I like about your program that you have done is how easy it is to understand the workouts.  The links are super helpful for the exercises.  We can watch and then do. I’ve done a lot of challenges and workouts, and have noticed bigger results with this. The workouts don’t feel like you’re killing yourself, so I don’t dread them, they’re not exhausting. I’m able to lift heavier weights, and it’s doable because I’m not doing so many reps. I can push myself more with the weights. The group holds me accountable to get back on track with a good routine. You are also so positive and down to earth.  Easy to relate with and your lifestyle goals and tips are so attainable and easy! It has been such a great and easily attainable program! Great workout regimen that’s super effective but won’t take all your time. I’ve definitely gotten stronger with it and I don’t feel like I’ve been working out ALL the time.” -Ellie

“The exercises are really good, I like the videos for each exercise. I like the sharing of information and all the recipe ideas in the Facebook group. I like the Facebook live trainings, there’s a lot of helpful information, I like to go back and watch each one. The PowerPoint slides are good too.” -Latrice

Fit by Tash - Fit Framework
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