Exercise in the comfort of your own home or office with an expertly designed custom training program. For sustainable lifelong results, fitness needs to work with your lifestyle. If you have young children at home, can't get away from the office, or dislike the gym environment, I bring the gym to you. I will teach you how to exercise intelligently in any space and get to your goals.

Consider splitting the cost with a co-worker, friend or loved one. Working out in small groups gives you a community that is fun and motivating!

Serving all of Fairfield County.

Benefits of In-Home or In-Office Training

  • Save time. Cut out the time you spend rushing to and from the gym, finding a parking space, and packing a change of clothes.
  • Accountability. No room is left for excuses or being late for workouts. I come to you for our regularly scheduled workouts with constant support and motivation.
  • No equipment needed. I will bring everything you need for a great workout. If you already own equipment or if your office has a gym on-site we can include it in your workouts.
  • Privacy and comfort. Eliminate all outside distractions, choose your favorite music and enjoy your workout, this is your time.