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When I started, my goals were weight loss and to increase energy, endurance, and overall be in better shape. I have since lost over 30 pounds, dropped 2 dress sizes, increased my energy, am happier and no longer reliant on medications. I have improved my health and am much more conscious of choices. My biggest hesitations were that I wouldn’t see results and that I would be too sore (when I was at a previous gym my calves especially were always in pain). Clearly I have begun to see results and if anything I feel at my worst when I don’t workout. Training motivates me, keeps me accountable, and has helped me condition significantly.
— Lauren B.

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I worked with Natasha for the 8 months leading up to my wedding. Coming into my first time working with a personal trainer, I was skeptical of the types of results I would see. Right after having my first meeting with Natasha, I couldn’t have been more wrong. She was conscientious of my physical limitations and worked with me to develop a routine that would target those areas of my body that I wanted toned. Her knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating habits was an added bonus, as she was mindful of making sure I was sticking to a well-balanced diet throughout my training. Natasha helped to make my dream of a perfect wedding day come to life - I not only felt beautiful and strong, but also proud my body. I would recommend Natasha for anyone who is looking to learn to love the body they are in - it starts with making the decision to finally change your life for the better. Trust me, it really does work!
— Sarah V.

When I started working with Natasha I wanted to get stronger to be able to tote my son and baby-on-the way around. We worked together during my pregnancy, up until I was 41 weeks, just 2 days before my little girl busted into the world. During my pregnancy, I found that just as I should be feeling weak and tired, I would feel stronger and more capable than I did before I was pregnant! My husband was super impressed with my ability to push her out quickly and credits the training for that. I felt really good after delivery, and surprisingly strong. Even though I couldn’t yet, I felt like I could have gone to the gym right after giving birth.
— Ashlee G.

My goals when I first started the online coaching program were to lose fat and tone up and build lean muscle. I am noticing I am a lot stronger from when I first started. I am able to increase weight within each phase of the program. The workouts really make me work up a sweat. I was able to lose a couple pounds and have them stay off. I am noticing I am more toned in certain areas like my arms from when I first began. I also thought the diet tips and nutrition program you put me on were simple and easy to follow which helped me stay on track. I noticed since having that, I can stay focused more on eating healthy because it really goes together with the training programs for max results. I really like the accountability, how you check in every couple weeks to see how everything is going. Helps keep me on track so I have positive things to report back. I also really like how available you are for any questions. One of my concerns before we started working together was that I wouldn’t see results since I have been working out for years and didn’t really have much to show for it. After working with you and being on a specific phase/plan has really helped keep my training focused and felt relieved since you had it all planned out. I didn’t have to worry about what exercises train what body parts and how many reps and sets I should be doing.
— Sarah P.