Free 7 Day Strong Program - A Week of Workouts
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  • Complete 3 weight training and 2 cardio based workouts over the 7 days

  • All workouts are 45 minutes or less

  • Exclusive workout videos

  • workout schedule outlining exactly what to do each day 

What can you expect from 7 Day Strong Program?

  • Workouts based around weight training so you feel stronger after just one week
  • Variety of exercises so you'll look forward to your workouts
  • Cardio routines so you know how much cardio to do and when
  • Exactly what exercises, sets and repetitions to do so there is no guesswork
  • Short and efficient workouts so you can feel accomplished as you easily fit them into your busy schedule
  • Improve your confidence both inside and outside of the gym

I'll provide the plan via email. When you sign-up you will receive an email containing a link to the digital ebook. Equipment needed for the workouts includes dumbbells, barbells, a bench, stability ball and basic gym machines. Available worldwide and compatible on all devices.

Questions? You can always email me:

7 Day Strong - Free Week of Workouts

Hi, I'm Natasha! 

I'm so excited to have you do the 7 Day Strong Program! My personal philosophy is weight training blended with intelligent metabolic conditioning to lose weight, build lean muscle tone and strength. 

As a full-time personal trainer and nutrition coach, over the last 4 years I've met with 100+ clients who want to be more consistent in the gym, but with so much conflicting information out there they were overwhelmed and confused where to start or focus their efforts.

The 7 Day STRONG Program was built to show what a week of workouts with the right mix of weights and cardio can do to make you feel stronger, more energized and motivated to keep going and make it a lifestyle.