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Personal Training Testimonials
When I was in high school, I was tiny but out of shape. As I grew older, my body began to react to foods and activity differently. I started to struggle with acne and aches and pains that were unexplainable. After many blood tests and doctors visits, I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which is a hormonal disease. My body reacts 30-40% more to carbohydrates than the average body, along with both abnormalities that make losing weight even more difficult and gaining weight scary easy. So, the journey that we all go on began: What works best for me and how will I lose this weight in a healthy way. For 2 years I spent fluctuating between 135 pounds and 150 pounds but never in shape since fat never wanted to burn off my body. As of the spring of 2017 I hit my highest weight ever of 156 pounds and 30% body fat. I was sick, I was struggling, my diet was all over the place. I jumped between multiple trainers, but Natasha was a real go to of mine, especially once I had a handle on my nutrition. Not only was heavy weight lifting and HIIT cardio helping me shed the weight but it was mentally something I could throw myself into. You can run all you want you can do as many sit ups as you want but I promise you you will not see as much progress as you would if you spent 10 minutes interval sprinting or hitting the weights. Talk about a fat shedder. Today, nearly a year later I am 127 pounds and 21% body fat. Because of my disease losing weight did not come easy and perhaps if most people did what I did and still do they would see results in a smaller amount of time. But, I have learned to believe that it doesn’t matter how long you try, as long as you are happy, healthy, and confident with who you are you will continue to push yourself to be the best you can be.
— Mia P

When I started, my goals were weight loss and to increase energy, endurance, and overall be in better shape. I have since lost over 30 pounds, dropped 2 dress sizes, increased my energy, am happier and no longer reliant on medications. I have improved my health and am much more conscious of choices. My biggest hesitations were that I wouldn’t see results and that I would be too sore (when I was at a previous gym my calves especially were always in pain). Clearly I have begun to see results and if anything I feel at my worst when I don’t workout. Training motivates me, keeps me accountable, and has helped me condition significantly.
— Lauren B.

Personal Training Testimonials
I worked with Natasha for the 8 months leading up to my wedding. Coming into my first time working with a personal trainer, I was skeptical of the types of results I would see. Right after having my first meeting with Natasha, I couldn’t have been more wrong. She was conscientious of my physical limitations and worked with me to develop a routine that would target those areas of my body that I wanted toned. Her knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating habits was an added bonus, as she was mindful of making sure I was sticking to a well-balanced diet throughout my training. Natasha helped to make my dream of a perfect wedding day come to life - I not only felt beautiful and strong, but also proud my body. I would recommend Natasha for anyone who is looking to learn to love the body they are in - it starts with making the decision to finally change your life for the better. Trust me, it really does work!
— Sarah V.

Personal Training Testimonials
Personal Training Testimonials
When I started working with Natasha I wanted to get stronger to be able to tote my son and baby-on-the way around. We worked together during my pregnancy, up until I was 41 weeks, just 2 days before my little girl busted into the world. During my pregnancy, I found that just as I should be feeling weak and tired, I would feel stronger and more capable than I did before I was pregnant! My husband was super impressed with my ability to push her out quickly and credits the training for that. I felt really good after delivery, and surprisingly strong. Even though I couldn’t yet, I felt like I could have gone to the gym right after giving birth.
— Ashlee G.

Personal Training Testimonials
Personal Training Testimonials
My goals when I first started the online coaching program were to lose fat and tone up and build lean muscle. I am noticing I am a lot stronger from when I first started. I am able to increase weight within each phase of the program. The workouts really make me work up a sweat. I was able to lose a couple pounds and have them stay off. I am noticing I am more toned in certain areas like my arms from when I first began. I also thought the diet tips and nutrition program you put me on were simple and easy to follow which helped me stay on track. I noticed since having that, I can stay focused more on eating healthy because it really goes together with the training programs for max results. I really like the accountability, how you check in every couple weeks to see how everything is going. Helps keep me on track so I have positive things to report back. I also really like how available you are for any questions. One of my concerns before we started working together was that I wouldn’t see results since I have been working out for years and didn’t really have much to show for it. After working with you and being on a specific phase/plan has really helped keep my training focused and felt relieved since you had it all planned out. I didn’t have to worry about what exercises train what body parts and how many reps and sets I should be doing.
— Sarah P.