FREE Healthy Guide to Eating on the Go

The ultimate guide for eating out while feeling lean, fit and healthy

Free Guide Healthy Eating on the Go
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Learn how to navigate any restaurant and bar scene and wake up the next morning feeling fit, energized and lean.
- How to navigate any menu
- Healthy options for any cuisine
- What to eat before and other tips before you head out (hint: it doesn't include starving yourself to save calories)
- Healthy habits to adopt while at a restaurant
- Top tips for drinking alcohol while still staying fit

Bikini Ready in 5 Days

FREE 5 Day Bikini Ready Program

Feel more toned, healthier and happier in just 5 days with the "6-S Bikini" Formula to success

- Workout routines and a structured meal plan to get you back on track
- Exactly what foods to eat to get energized
- Workouts to tone up your arms and tighten your midsection
- Exclusive workout videos and stretch flow routine
- Full week of eating with easy healthy recipes to help detox

This program is meant to be done about 2 times per year as a natural detox to feel lighter, gain mental clarity, and lose stubborn fat and/or bloat. It also works well to get event-ready fast whether you have a beach vacation or a wedding coming up.

For a true transformation that's sustainable with a balanced healthy lifestyle, check out Sweat and Sculpt and Strong and Lean in 12 Weeks.

Free Workout Program

FREE 7 Day Strong Program

A free week of gym workouts to get you back on track and consistent in the gym, so you feel strong, lean and empowered.

- Complete 3 weight training and 2 cardio workouts over 7 days so you feel stronger after just one week
- All workouts are 40 minutes or less. With short and efficient workouts you can feel accomplished as you can realistically fit them into an already busy schedule.
- Exclusive workout videos with a variety of exercises so you'll look forward to workouts
- Workout schedule outlining exactly what to do each day. Know how much cardio to do and when and exactly what exercises, sets and repetitions to do. There is no guesswork.

For a full workout program lasting 12 weeks with gym workouts and a nutrition guide, check out Sweat and Sculpt and Strong in Lean in 12 Weeks.