Eat Your Way to Lean and Healthy Cookbook

Simple Healthy Recipes and Meal Prep Ideas
Simple Healthy Recipes and Meal Prep Ideas

Eat Your Way to Lean and Healthy Cookbook

  • 60+ Fast and fabulous recipes with beautiful pictures for weight loss, flatter abs and a tighter toned body to keep you fit and healthy

  • Go-to recipes for everyday life. Lean and healthy dinners with 15-20 minutes or less of hands-on time, because no one has time for hours of cooking.

  • Feel leaner, lighter and more energized

  • Fuel your workouts so you feel strong and confident in the gym

  • Smoothies, soups, salads, dressings, sides, entrees, and healthy treats

  • Make tasty and satisfying meals your significant other and/or family members will love

  • Every recipe can be make gluten free and dairy free

  • Over 75% of the recipes are vegan/vegetarian

You also get:

  • Full Week of Eating (regular, vegetarian and vegan options)

  • Top 10 Meal Prep Tips

  • Weekly Meal Prep Planner

  • Grocery List

  • Full List of Preparation Tools and Essentials

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, one of the things I get asked the most is how to make healthy balanced meals that actually taste good and don’t take hours to prepare. Most of my clients are driven and busy professionals, kicking ass in their career, but overwhelmed when it comes to throwing together a quick breakfast smoothie or healthy dinner that allows them to lose weight, tone up, be energized and healthier.

As someone who loves to cook most of their own meals but not spend hours in the kitchen, I was inspired to pull together all of my delicious go-to recipes in this cookbook. Learn how simple building meal preparation into your lifestyle can actually be.

Everything you need is right here. You no longer need to research recipes, stress over what to make for dinner or spend hours in the kitchen to eat a tasty and healthy meal. Enjoy eating your way to lean and healthy!

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