Strong and Lean in 12 Weeks

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strong and lean in 12 weeks.jpg

Strong and Lean in 12 Weeks


Lose Weight, Build Muscle, and Feel Strong, Confident and Empowered

After completing this program, you will not only have transformed your body by losing fat and gaining muscle definition, but you will love the feeling of being strong and pushing yourself. You will learn exactly what exercises you should be doing and be confident with form, so you no longer have “gym anxiety”, instead you’ll feel like a badass and look forward to the gym.

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  • 12-week training schedule with exactly what to do each day so you have a structure to keep you on track with zero guesswork

  • 3 Progressive Training Phases to prevent plateau

    • Month One: Build Your Base

    • Month Two: Defining Curves

    • Month Three: Fat Burning

  • Videos for each of the 45+ exercises so you know how to perform each exercise with good form

  • Meal Plan Guide including how to get rid of cravings, healthy snack ideas, and a grocery list

  • Each week includes 3 to 4 gym-based workouts taking 40 minutes or less

  • Core workouts to tone your abs, improve posture and protect your back

  • Short effective warm up to improve flexibility and keep muscles long and pliable and prevent that feeling of being sore all the time

This is a digital ebook available instantly worldwide. Compatible on all devices - Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Computer, Mac. Once purchased, the file is available for download in the Order Confirmation page. You will also receive an email containing a link to the file which expires in 24 hours. Once downloaded, you will have access to this program forever. Any questions? Contact