Fit and Healthy Habits

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Most diets fail because they try and change everything at once and restrict your calories and certain foods. It’s the small actions you do every single day that count. You don’t make lasting progress by giving up everything you know and love in order to have a stronger and more toned body.

The truth is you can still enjoy cocktails and dinners out in moderation if you do a few things consistently. Build these small but impactful exercise and eating habits into your life and you will feel stronger, healthier, happier and more toned.

Commit to exercising for a minimum of 20 minutes a day

Show up every day for yourself. Your workouts should combine the three types of movement: cardio, strengthening, and flexibility. On days you have more time, do longer workouts to include strength training, cardio and stretching. On other days listen to what your body needs and spend just 20 minutes toning and lengthening the muscles or do a strength based circuit. As much as possible, take your cardio outside: swim, take brisk walks, and play sports.

Taking more than two days off exercise will leave you feeling more sluggish, less productive and with less zest for life. Exercising daily ensures you keep up the good habit and helps bring you back to the present, acting as a reset for both the body and mind.  

Sleep no less than EIGHT hours a night

Probably the most underrated step you can take to improve health and body composition. Sleep is when our body rests and repairs. Try to avoid huge swings in your sleep schedule and go to bed around the same time each night.

Eat a plant-based diet as the core

Eat a wide variety of vegetables and some fruit to get all your micronutrients and fiber. Don't allow processed foods and refined sugar to be a regular part of your diet. 

Include lean protein at every meal to support lean muscle and feel satisfied.  

Eat to support your lifestyle. Carbohydrates are our body’s primary source of fuel and an essential macronutrient in a balanced diet. That being said, if you are sedentary include fewer carbs in your diet and if you are active include more carbs. If you have fat to lose, include starchy carbs only after your workouts.

Eat a little healthy fat at each meal like nuts, seeds, avocados and fish. Healthy fats help keep you full, help you absorb nutrients, and fuel cells.

Keep water with you during the day

Stay hydrated throughout the entire day for general health, fat loss and improved performance. For more on how much water you really need and tips to drink more water, visit this post

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