How to Detox and Get Rid of Bloat

detox debloat

Whether you just came back from vacation or a night out, this will help you get rid of that puffy, bloated and exhausted feeling looming over you. Living a healthy lifestyle is about taking sustainable actions that become regular habits.  I don't recommend crash dieting or juice cleanses as they won't give you lasting results and are more likely to end in binge eating. This method is based on hydrating throughout the day and eating nourishing foods to heal your body.

Top 8 Tips to Detox and Debloat

1. Drink water and green tea. Try adding slices of lemon, cucumber, ginger, mint and/or basil. Drinking water will help flush the body of any retained fluids.

2. Ease your digestive system with apple cider vinegar. First thing in the morning, dilute 1 Tbs apple cider vinegar in water and drink quickly. Apple cider vinegar helps to balance blood sugar and contains potassium and enzymes which provide an energy boost. It's also a natural diuretic and appetite suppressant. It's important to mix apple cider vinegar in water before consuming as it’s highly acidic and drinking straight can have negative effects on tooth enamel and tissues of your mouth and throat.

3. Base your meals around lean proteins and vegetables. Load up on fish, chicken,  turkey, egg whites, lentils, tofu and leafy greens, cabbage, cucumber, asparagus, mushrooms, artichokes, brussel sprouts, and beets.

4. Enjoy a long walk outdoors.

5. Sleep. Aim for eight to nine hours.

6. Eat slow. Chew your food 20 times and savor each bite.

7. Use fresh herbs and spices with anti-inflammatory properties. Mint, parsley, cayenne, ginger, cinnamon, paprika, turmeric, and curry are all good options.

8. Avoid sugar, dairy, gluten and alcohol for the next few days.

Re-energizing Raw Smoothie:
Handful Spinach or Kale
Half Cucumber
Half Lime (peeled)
1 Green Apple, cored and cut into chunks
6 Mint Leaves or small handful parsley
½ Tbs Flaxseed
Ginger (raw is best but ground is fine too)
½ – 1 Cup Water to blend