Hotel Workouts

Hotel workouts

When you're short on time and equipment but want to stay on your fitness game, it's all about total body metabolic workouts. These full body workouts will fire up your metabolism and get you feeling energized!

Here are two of my favorite fat-blasting workouts to keep you in shape while you travel. The first is a bodyweight workout and can be done in your hotel room with no equipment needed. For the second workout, all you need are dumbbells and a mat which can be found in any hotel gym. You can also save these to use as at-home workouts.

Hotel Room Bodyweight Workout
Warmup with 50 jumping jacks. Complete as a circuit for 3 to 4 rounds.

10 x Burpees
20 x Hip bridges
10 x Push-ups
20 x Squat with alternating kickback
20 x Mountain climbers
30 second x Plank with leg raise (lift right leg for 15 seconds and then left leg for 15 seconds)

Hotel Gym Workout
Warmup with a jog for 5 minutes on treadmill. Complete as a circuit for 3 to 4 rounds.

12 x Dumbbell chest press on bench or floor
12 x Reverse lunge to dumbbell curl - right leg
12 x Reverse lunge to dumbbell press - left leg
12 x Bent over dumbbell row
20 x Hip bridges
30 second x Plank with alternating leg lift

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